Does Using a Bonding Agent Get You Out of Jail Faster?

After you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, and placed in jail, the option to post bond is given after a judge sees you for arraignment. Once the bond amount is set, you can post the full bond amount or use a Beaver County bail bond service to post 10% of the bond amount. Most people use a bonding service simply because it saves so much money. But, you’ll be glad to know that a bail bond company also speeds the process of getting out of jail.

The process of booking an inmate in and out of jail is fairly complicated, as you might expect with the legal system. A judge must sign your release after the bond is posted, and there are many people who are also posting bonds at the same time. The judge also has cases that he or she is hearing, and numerous other duties of the day. So, once a bond is posted, it can take hours for you to get out of jail. That’s time you certainly are losing and do not want to spend behind bars.

When there’s a bondsman on the case, you can expedite the process of getting out of jail. Cases that have been assisted with a bondsman are usually those the judge handles first. This is the way that most courts and jails are set up. So, after a bond is posted, the process must be completed nonetheless, but you can expect to get out of jail so much faster. Most of the bonds that are posted are out within the hour, though this is never a guarantee.

Beaver County bail bond

Rest assured that your bonding agent is working vigorously to get you out of jail quickly. He understands your frustrations and desire for quick freedom. When you use this agent, you have a friend in your darkest hour, and one that also has a lot of power. It is such a wonderfully reassuring feeling indeed.

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